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Pittarosso was founded in 1923 by the Pittarello family, and across 3 generations they lead the company to the present day constantly keeping an eye on fashion, on the diversification of the offer and granting quality at competitive prices. Pittarosso is today one of the main actors in the shoe and leather retail field, with over 100 points of sale in Italy and abroad.

The beanAnalytics solution grants us an incredibly high reactivity on the market. Every day we are able to check the productivity and the efficiency of our promotions down to each single point of sale, reconsidering our strategic choices on the basis of the data we collect.

Luca Sabadin

PittaRosso Spa



In 2011 the company was acquired by 21 Investimenti, group founded by Alessandro Benetton, and since then Pittarosso has focused on commercial expansion and strategical re-organization. This led to a considerable increase of the data to analyze and of the complexity of their management, which could not be handled anymore by the system in use. In this new scenario, in order to allow the development of new points of sale and not slow down the company, Pittarosso decided to adopt different specialized departmental systems and an analysis system able to collect and process the data coming from each area of interest.


beanTech’s beanAnalytics was the chosen solution. beanAnalytics is based on SQL Server, and it stood out for its remarkable performances, its reduced TCO, but most of all for the low impact on daily operations. beanAnalytics allowed Pittarosso to reduce considerably the acces time to information, allowing more aware decisions and a detailed vision of each business area. Thanks to the potentialities granted by this solution based on Microsoft technology, the integration of the data coming from the different systems in use in the company allowed coherent and quality strategic and operational analyzes.


The implementation of beanAnalytics involved, at the beginning, the sales, purchasing and inventory area. This first step allowed collecting and analyzing all the data coming from the different points of sale (over a hundred), producing daily reports useful for the management to monitor the trend of the single points of sale, but also of the group in terms of revenues and margins. The following steps involved: corporate performance management, loss prevention (through the control of cash transactions), fidelity cards (through the analysis of the promotions and purchasing behavior of the customers using fidelity cards), as well as the monitoring of the presence on Social Media. All these areas are still “work in progress” since there are new functionalities to develop in order to obtain more and more detailed and effective analyzes.