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Steel production

Founded in 1984 and based in Gemona in Friuli, MORE is one of the leading companies in the production of technologies for the metallurgical industry. With its research and development department, MORE creates cutting-edge technologies, placed on the market after an in-depth test phase, carried out internally.


MORE had expressed the need to implement a digital system for use by employees, enabling them to track the hours worked on assigned or general activities.

The main objective related to this request was to facilitate the activity of uploading hours, taking advantage of a user friendly tool that can be accessed from any networked device while simplifying its control activity by managers.

beanTech has proposed the creation of two apps that can simplify and digitize all flows that were previously handled on multiple platforms or via paper.

The apps proposed are based on Microsoft Power Platform technology and perform the following functions:


Dedicated to uploading data specific to the various active jobs, this app is used by management control as a back-end dashboard to monitor the progress of projects.


Power Apps Canvas used by users working on a specific job order as a front-end, for tracking hours for each project.


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Historically in the company we had two separate systems for tracking hours in the office and on the job site. We thought we would streamline by making a tool that would integrate both functions, as well as some design planning functionality.

Key features required were the ability to use (securely) both on and off-site, use also from mobile devices, proper data exchange with management software, and dynamic reporting. Together with beanTech we identified the Microsoft Power Apps platform as the correct environment for development.

Simone Marcuzzi
Chairman - Technical Manager, MORE
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