Real-time analysis of business performance for Pinarello

Sporting goods manufacturing

Cicli Pinarello Srl is a world leader in the top-end racing bicycle segment and also offers a complete line of cycling accessories and apparel. Pinarello products stand out in the market for being the absolute technological and performance cutting edge of the industry, with unique designs. Real dream bikes, marketed in more than 50 countries around the world through 700 specialized outlets.

Customer needs

Given its continuous evolution and growth, Cicli Pinarello expressed the need to implement a Business Intelligence solution that would optimize the analysis and monitoring of business performance.

The company wanted to unify and bring data from all business areas into compliance, so that all key-users could use a single institutional solution for business monitoring and management.

After several project phases of assessment and analysis held together with the client, it was possible to embark on a digital transformation path designed to meet Cicli Pinarello’s innovation needs.


How? Take a look at the Cicli Pinarello case study and discover all the features and benefits of the Business Analytics solution.

Business Analytics solution based on Microsoft Power BI technology, which centralizes sales data from different systems and makes them homogeneous and structured for later analysis.

The solution allows for easy, intuitive, comprehensive reading and analysis of sales data, which can always be accessed online, from PCs, tablets and smartphones, thus enabling the sharing of reporting to different mobile agents on the Italian, English and American territory.

Some advantages of Cicli Pinarello’s solution:

  • Integration of the analysis platform with the company’s existing systems;
  • Customization of the KPI library to the Customer’s master data and budget;
  • Fast data analysis, facilitation and optimization of business strategies.

The implementation of Business Analytics has given us a complete view of business performance and provided us with the ability to analyze data by both market and product, in a very comprehensive and in-depth manner. The project has also provided us with a robust Data Warehouse on which business data is consolidated, certified and normalized, which allows us to have a universal language and a single source of analysis.

The end result is an extremely versatile tool […] The expertise and skill of the beanTech team has allowed us to have a working tool at the forefront of technologies, in a relatively short time and showing excellent results right away.

Emanuele Serafin
Manager IT, Cicli Pinarello
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