Turbine remote monitoring for Fincantieri


Fincantieri is one of the leading shipbuilding groups in the world and the only one active in all sectors of high-tech shipbuilding. It is a leader in the construction and transformation of cruise, military and offshore vessels in the oil & gas and wind sectors, as well as in the production of systems and components, after-sales services and in naval furnishing solutions.

The Group boasts references of excellence in infrastructure and is a reference operator in digital and cybersecurity, electronics and advanced systems engineering.


Fincantieri’s tradition in the design and construction of steam turbines goes back more than a century. In addition to marine use, the developed power systems are used in numerous types of industrial plants. Hence the need to allow Remote Monitoring of the operating parameters of steam turbine-alternators and turbo-machinery in general, in order to provide customers with important support in the context of Predictive Maintenance activities.

Thanks to the Remote Monitoring System, expensive interventions can be replaced by real-time controls carried out through a platform that continuously and automatically checks the parameters of interest, in order to anticipate the occurrence of unwanted events, ensuring increased reliability and availability.

Turbine Remote Monitoring offers Fincantieri DSCM end customers a personalized and proactive assistance service.

The solution allows both a high-level overview based on the status of the turbine, alarms from the plant, customized control algorithms, and a punctual analysis of the single variable. The data collected is standardized according to a specific standard and managed in a single centralized platform integrated into the IT infrastructure already present in the plant.

Turbine Remote Monitoring is a cutting-edge platform capable of improving the performance of the Energy world, thanks to the implementation of Real Time Control and Business Analytics techniques.

The advantages of its implementation are:

  • Data Ingestion structure adapted to the needs of the energy sector;
  • Library of KPIs and control algorithms perfected to reduce analysis times, enhance the most relevant information and determine the distance from optimal functioning;
  • Real-time overview of all data coming from the plant from a single platform;
  • Simple and intuitive user interface, structured with customizable controls;
  • Anomaly detection techniques to predict system phenomena;
  • Consulting approach, guaranteed by the presence of a team specialized in the analysis of turbine and plant data.


Find out how Fincantieri DSCM has improved the assistance service to its end customers thanks to Turbine Remote Monitoring functions.

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