The VDI tour becomes ‘Interactive’: beanTech & SolidWorld GROUP await you in Bologna

17 Apr 2024
The VDI tour becomes ‘Interactive’: beanTech & SolidWorld GROUP await you in Bologna

In an era where technology drives innovation, Graphics Workstation Virtualisation (Graphics VDI) is positioned as the centrepiece of future-oriented business solutions. Embracing this technology not only improves operational efficiency but also positions companies at the forefront of the new digital landscape.

And we don’t just want to tell you why, we want to show you. But first, let’s understand together what are the main benefits of adopting a graphical VDI solution.



Graphics Workstation Virtualisation adapts to the needs of the modern workforce, enabling users to make the most of advanced graphics resources from any device (laptop, tablet or even smartphone) even outside the company, securely and quickly, thanks to the short-time updating of user profiles and guaranteed high performance. This flexibility not only improves productivity, but also enables more dynamic collaboration in an increasingly distributed working environment.

With Virtualisation of Graphics Workstations, therefore, companies can guarantee high graphics performance without compromise: remote hardware acceleration allows graphics-intensive applications to run without compromising speed or quality, greatly enhancing the user experience.

In addition, thanks to the centralised management of graphics resources, Graphics VDI optimises hardware utilisation, ensuring scalability and reducing operating costs. Companies can dynamically adapt capacity as needed, without having to invest in expensive hardware upgrades. But there’s more: in a context where data security is a priority, this solution offers a controlled and secure environment. Graphics resources do not physically reside on users’ devices, reducing the risk of unauthorised access and improving compliance with privacy regulations.



Just one thing: forget about boring presentations! To introduce you to all the benefits of the solution, beanTech and Solidworld Group are organising the “Interactive” VDI Tour, dedicated to companies using Solidworks® CAD software.

Our event is designed to actively involve you with:

  • Live Demonstrations: You will be able to see the solution ‘in action’, with practical demonstrations and real scenarios.
  • Question and Answer Sessions: No question is too difficult or too obvious. Our experts will be on hand to answer them.
  • Active Participation: Interact with the speakers, present your own use cases and share your experience with us.



Below is the agenda of the event that will take place at the Bentivoglio (BO) headquarters of SolidWorld Group on Thursday 21 March 2024:

  • 14.30 | Reception & Welcome Coffee
  • 15.00 | Interactive Technical Presentation, with “live” demonstrations and Q&A sessions
  • 17.00 | Networking Session with Aperitif offered by beanTech & Solid World Group

The event is free of charge. To participate, please fill in the dedicated form 👆 now. If you are strongly interested, we advise you not to wait, due to limited places. For any queries, please email us at marketing(at) 

N.B. Is this date not convenient for you or you cannot reach us in Milan? Don’t despair, there will be a 📍 VDI Tour in Milan on 21 March 2024. For more info click here and sign up now!


💣 Special Guest: Adam Strizzolo, World Expert in Virtual Technology!

Yes, that’s right: the star of the event will be our own Adam Strizzolo, the only Italian to have joined the “NVIDIA vGPU Advisor Community” made up of the world’s 25 most influential exponents on NVIDIA graphics card virtualisation technology.


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