Operational continuity of it infrastructure: DraaS for MORE

Steel production

Founded in 1984 and based in Gemona in Friuli, MORE is one of the leading companies in the production of technologies for the metallurgical industry. With its research and development department, MORE creates cutting-edge technologies, placed on the market after an in-depth test phase, carried out internally.

Customer needs

MORE’s need was to create a Disaster Recovery site that would protect the company in the event of IT infrastructure unavailability, guaranteeing the use of the IT services currently provided with certain times and recovery points. Thanks to the presence of adequate connectivity, the opportunity to create a Disaster Recovery site at a branch location was evaluated.

Also needed was the inclusion of the VDI platform, the nerve center of the company’s design and management activities.

DRaaS platform, created according to the specific needs of MORE, allows for:


  • Disaster Recovery infrastructure controls

  • Verification and control of the progress of the replicas

  • Analysis of bandwidth occupation and data relating to the service


  • Scheduling of special simulations, to certify the correct functioning of the customer workloads active at the datacenter

  • Disaster Recovery plan, based on the results achieved during the simulation


  • Check for available updates

  • Update impact analysis

  • Scheduling and updating of the backup and replication infrastructure

  • Optimization of replication jobs, to maximize the updates just made


Read at leisure all the details of the tailor-made solution for MORE.

[…] beanTech has allowed us to replicate all the IT services provided on-prem in the cloud, with particular attention to the area dedicated to mechanical design and with low construction and management costs.

The previous implementation, together with beanTech, of the VDI solution made it easy to replicate the ws graphics in cloud, which can be used remotely if necessary with performances comparable to those on- prem.

Luigi Romanini
ICT Manager, MORE
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