Optimization of production asset performance: Brainkin for System Logistics

Warehouse automation & picking solutions

Founded in 1987, System Logistics is a global leader in innovative intralogistics and material handling solutions for supply chain optimization in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing operations worldwide.


System Logistics expressed the need to identify and acquire a local solution and an Asset Management center to apply to its products, in order to improve customer service and optimize the performance of its production assets.

Specifically, the local solution, understood as inside each plant in which System Logistics products are functional, had to be able to anticipate requests for interventions or spare parts and make preventive maintenance effective. The central solution, on the other hand, to include all System Logistics customers plants, needed to collect the operating performances and alarms of the products installed in a single control point.

The company’s intention was to move towards a service approach, able to deliver, together with its solutions, a series of integrated value services to optimize the services offered to the customer, thanks to the use of digital tools.

beanTech proposed Brainkin ®, the IoT platform that allows machine and plant manufacturers to offer proactive maintenance services and to satisfy the different needs of industrial users.



Discover all the features and advantages of the solution created together with System Logistics.

System Logistics, world leader in innovative intralogistics and material handling solutions, was looking for a reference partner who could support us in the creation of an IoT product that would be a key factor enabling resource monitoring for effective asset management and the optimization of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance especially in the production environment. […] beanTech proved to be the ideal partner to help us “connect the dots”, guiding us in data rationalization and analysis, providing us with an innovative and cutting-edge product that would allow us to connect resources in a harmonious and functional ecosystem, in order to guarantee clear visibility to customers and users and enhance the services offered, as well as the plant performance.

Matteo Volponi
Software Product Manager, System Logistics
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