Pervasive-AI with neural cameras for superior quality control for SBE-VARVIT

Production of screws, nuts and cold forgings

Controlled by Gruppo Vescovini SpA, SBE-VARVIT is one of the world leaders in the production of fasteners, mechanical fastening and cold-pressed products that are of fundamental importance for many industrial sectors.

Headquartered in Reggio Emilia and with five production plants in Italy and one in Serbia, the Group operates as a full service provider serving over 5.000 customers globally, including all the main OEMs in the automotive, construction equipment, heavy duty and industrial machinery sectors.


The customer expressed the need to check the quality of the entire product line at the end of the production process.

Specifically, the goal of SBE-VARVIT was to have available a compact system able to intelligently manage the quality control of the washers, without the need for any set-up intervention by the operator, and to ensure high standards to guarantee the final quality of the product and to safeguard the integrity of the downstream machinery.


Download the brochure to learn about all the advantages that AI has brought to SBE-VARVIT!

beanTech has developed an optical quality control solution based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The main features and advantages of the solution created for SBE-VARVIT are:

  • Product quality control with superior performance;
  • Automatic recognition of the article in production;
  • Integrated piloting of the reject system;
  • Self-diagnosis functionality;
  • Data visualization software by beanTech;
  • Extremely accurate real-time control;
  • No need for additional photocells or sensors;
  • No interfacing to the MES required;
  • Compact and non-invasive solution;
  • No retooling required;
  • No downtime for installation.

In SBE-VARVIT, a Vescovini Group company, we have always believed in innovation and to introduce Artificial Intelligence into our production fabric we needed professionals who knew the complexity and concreteness of the industrial context.

beanTech is proving to be a valid partner, proving to be an ideal interlocutor to build together the future we are imagining with creativity and tenacity for our industry.

Alessandro Vescovini
Amministratore Delegato, SBE-VARVIT
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