Real-time Analysis of the Production Process for Breton-Lapitec

Production of machine tools

Breton SpA is a world-leading company in the production of machine tools for working natural stone, metals and composite stone plants. Lapitec SpA, Breton’s commercial partner, is the leading company in the world for the production of large format sintered stone slabs. Together they have developed a unique one-of-a-kind ceramic product.


The amount of data generated by each phase of the production process and the research of process technologists and engineers to constantly improve an already excellent product have led Breton to feel the further need to put the power of its data at the service of company decisions.

The need was therefore to implement a solution capable of developing a company knowledge base on the production process of sintered stone slabs, in order to allow informed and more efficient management of all production phases.

Breton Smart BI is the Business Analytics solution powered by beanTech, useful for the acquisition, analysis and monitoring of process data and which has the following features:


  • PLC (speeds, flows, levels, weights, temperatures, pressures, etc.)

  • HMI (alarms lists, events lists , variable trends etc .)

  • Process Control System Databases (product specifications, equipment data, manufacturing instructions, production data, etc.)

  • MES (order management, product quality, warehouse, shipping, etc.)

  • Other systems


  • Cloud data logging

  • Monitoring of the most important metrics and main trends

  • Drill-Down on machine specific metrics

  • Custom KPI library

  • Predictive information

  • Process variable correlation for quality control


  • General information about the machine/plant

  • Details of the machine/plant variables

  • Production reports

  • Efficiency (OEE)

  • Quality


Don't miss all the details of the project created for Breton and Lapitec!

The Breton Smart BI solution, implemented together with beanTech, has allowed us to equip the company with a real-time analysis system of the production process, a fundamental aspect given our constant search for control and improvement of all production phases. The platform integrated perfectly with daily operations (machine-edge panels, integration with Office 365 and mobile dashboard) allowing us to obtain concrete and measurable results in a short time. 

The experience and ability of beanTech technicians to immerse themselves in the logic of our business has allowed us to create a long and fruitful collaboration. 

Mauro Bettiol
Plant Director, Breton
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