APS software: production planning & scheduling

APS software: production planning & scheduling

Quick answers and continuous governance of your production: APS software is the leap in quality of your logistic-production supply chain.


The industrial world has always felt the need to predict the achievement of objectives (highlighting critical issues and anomalies) and to simulate the use of resources and materials (to avoid delays or gaps). Digital Transformation helps to make the achievement of the result easier, faster and certain: having an integrated Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) tool available, capable of planning resource workloads and optimizing the exploitation of production capacity , is the solution that can rise to this challenge.




Plan and optimize the entire logistics-production supply chain with APS software.

Production planning and scheduling software was created with the aim of modelling, planning and optimizing the entire logistic-production supply chain, from suppliers to final customers, from managing raw material requirements to creating an efficient feasible plan, from verifying delivery dates to the application of priorities up to the completion of the plan, for an optimal use of the available capacity of resources and materials.

Thanks to APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) software, business users and stakeholders will enjoy various advantages, such as:


Understand whether the capacity of currently available resources is correctly sized to ensure company objectives are reachable


Best compromise between optimal objectives and real feasibility, able to get as close as possible to the desired plan with the available resources and existing constraints


Unification of similar processes, minimization of production changes, modeling of constraints and creation of an optimal plan scheduled to the second


It is possible in a very short time to relaunch processing and obtain an immediate review of the sequence of activities


High visibility and effective what-if analyzes allowing for the comparative evaluation of countless possible scenarios using KPIs, anticipating any critical issues and predicting solutions


The plan is systematically updated in real time with the actual execution of the activities and each subsequent processing takes into account the latest orders progress.

WHY USE APS SOFTWARE? The companies that have chosen to adopt an APS software have immediately noticed the advantages. The main ones are as follows:

  • APS software involves a considerable investment in economic terms, but it is nothing compared to the results in terms of the improvement in operations management. The ROI is immediately evident;
  • The right APS system will not cause any damage to the company’s current ERP, on the contrary! It will instead be strengthened and no obstruction will result from the establishment of the new solution;
  • The visibility of the entire process will be more punctual and broader, giving importance to efficiency deficits and bottlenecks, allowing for an enhancement of the entire production line;
  • The feasibility analysis’ will be easier, you will be able to implement the pros and cons of any scheduling and evaluate which one is right for you;
  • Operations will move towards a “leanlogic, reducing waste, costs and increasing profits.

Together with Dassault Systèmes, we offer our customers the Delmia platform Ortems APS, characterized by three components:



It processes in the medium and long term the load of work orders, issued or not, to propose a complete MPS planning with finite capacity. Furthermore, thanks to constraint modeling and analysis tools, it immediately identifies bottlenecks in production across all resources, primary and secondary.



It allows the synchronization between needs and availability, both of materials and capacity, along the entire production supply chain; thanks to a powerful MRP engine that separates the multi-level bill of materials, manages the links necessary to predict the traceability of supplies to an order or a customized order and provides support for alternative supply simulations.



Thanks to a powerful configurable optimization engine and the integrated management of multiple constraints associated with products, processes and resources, it allows you to effectively implement short-term detailed planning and reduce set-up times and material usage. The collaboration functions allow the various company roles to contribute to the control of the plan according to their level of responsibility.

Take your production planning and scheduling to the pro level: integrate Delmia Ortems APS with MOM/MES systems and ERPs.


Thanks to the integration capabilities with MOM/MES systems and ERPs (guaranteed by its own ETL system), Delmia Ortems APS has the ability to update the progress archives and launch processing with data updated in real time. The native integration with Delmia should be underlined Apriso MOM, the MOM/MES system from Dassault Systèmes, also distributed by beanTech.




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