BOOMI: Semplifies Data Integration

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BOOMI: Semplifies Data Integration
Take control of your data with Boomi, the market-leading, code-free and easy-to-use ESB iPaaS data integration solution.

Modernise, connect, transform and innovate are the key-words that encapsulate the platform’s proposition, aiming for a flexible, scalable and secure solution, tailored to the needs of each IT ecosystem.

With Boomi, you will have access to an ecosystem composed of an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that allows you to make changes and updates with minimal effort, making it all very simple.


Connectors make it easy to create a network of information available to everyone everywhere.


Information always at hand without the need to request reports and data from other departments.


Easy creation of collaborative workflows to increase productivity inside and outside the company.



Centralised control point to monitor all processes and check if and where there are malfunctions.

I moduli per la Data Integration di Boomi


It allows the construction of operational processes, which are then distributed and monitored, and which connect the data and applications of the corporate ecosystem to each other.


It takes care of data cleaning and quality control, generating Golden Records and guaranteeing the existence of a single certified data.


Manages the practices connected to the network of commercial partners, to facilitate the development, management and care of the B2B (Business 2 Business) context.


Dedicated to Secure APIs, taking care of their design, implementation, scalability and management.


Dialoguing with the Integration module, allows the creation of real Web Apps, based on automated flows.


Identify, catalog and profile the data that has business value, making it available in the right context and at the right time.

Why choose Boomi as your iPaaS platform for application integration within your IT system?

  • Intuitive and user-friendly user experience for building effective workflows.
  • Approach to a system that natively has numerous connectors that allow full business application integration.
  • Possibility of access to support from specialised technicians and a community capable of providing rapid and efficient assistance.
  • Assistance and pro-activity in the after-sales service.

Boomi: connect and transform

Connect your business systems with a click thanks to the platform’s library of more than 1.500 native applications.

With Boomi, your IT ecosystem becomes faster and more efficient through an environment where data and applications are unified increasing productivity, cross-departmental collaboration, and information findability.

Increase the value and quality of your existing digital applications by reducing development timelines from months to weeks, lowering costs, improving investments and streamlining processes.

BOOMI: a success case

Throughout our years of experience in application integration, we have completed numerous projects.

Why choose us for a Data Integration solution?

Starting from a consultative approach, we are always careful in trying to create solutions that best meet our customer needs, optimizing resources and related costs, through architectures:

  • Scalable
  • Safe
  • Efficient
Data Flow Management and Integration: Boomi for Foscarini

beanTech and Boomi: The recipe for success!

Winning partnerships lead to great results! Build, deploy and manage your ecosystem with us.

We will be able to accompany you in the integration process, advising you on how best to create a personalized and ideal platform for your company.

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