RealSiGHT: Industrial IoT & Analytics Platform

RealSiGHT: Industrial IoT & Analytics Platform

RealSiGHT is the Industrial IoT & Analytics Platform which processes and manages real-time plant data, with the aim of govern the entire production process with AI.

RealSiGHT interconnects every single device, boosting the performance of the industrial plant through Artificial Intelligence.

The Analytics Platform processes and manages real-time data coming from machine sensors, process control and management systems to intelligently govern the entire production process.

Through AI, plant stakeholders are thoroughly supported, so that they can optimize production and quality, plan maintenance activities more efficiently and drastically reduce energy costs.

Make your plant future-proof!


Ensure data exchange between various machines, field- and company systems (different suppliers, legacy systems, etc.) and allow them to speak ‘the same language’.


Enable real-time monitoring of the entire production environment for a prompt reaction and prediction of unforeseen events.


Share information on the plant and processes within the company and prevent know-how losses.

Govern your data to optimize & control the entire production process fully supported by AI.

RealSiGHT natively integrates with your company systems: PLCs, Process Control Systems, MES, ERP, but also with customized solutions, avoiding the need for companies to have to acquire new technologies for integration.


Provides crucial information in real-time on production trends through in line data analysis. Analyze the ever increasing and varying volumes of data to improve production processes thanks to powerful embedded statistical tools.


Monitors optimal machine performance, schedules the ordinary and extraordinary interventions to prevent breakdowns, downtime and production delays


Analyzes production-related energy consumptions in real-time and highlights anomalies or malfunctioning to prevent energy waste and sink production costs


Identifies production defects and their root cause. Act promptly in the event of anomalies to guarantee better product quality and increase customer satisfaction

Thanks to RealSiGHT:


identifies the optimal settings to guarantee the maximum production performance of the entire plant, while having the possibility to tweak and reset them as needed.


has a reporting tool with valuable information on failures, interventions, and resolution procedures.


analyzes the variables impacting on daily energy consumption. Through constant monitoring of energy parameters, penalties and additional charges due to overruns in consumption can thus be avoided.


has full control over the production chain. Thanks to the insights provided, possible defects can be identified beforehand and corrected. Moreover, the system proactively notifies the operator about possible abnormal patterns and suggests how to correct them before defects can occur.

RealSiGHT acts as a unique tool, where every plant stakeholder can efficiently monitor meaningful data generated by production processes.

The platform allows you:

  • Monitor overall or area-specific performance to identify the optimal production setting;
  • Evenly spread company know-how among every stackeholder;
  • Improve finished product quality;
  • Reduce machinery downtimes through accurate maintenance planning;
  • Analyze the correlation between process variables and downtimes for proactive maintenance;
  • Monitor and make efficient the energy consumption related to the production process.

RealSIGT is an Open & Flexible Architecture!

RealSiGHT is simple and flexible, designed to be used on-premise, on cloud or in hybrid architectures. For companies that do not have sufficient in-house resources to govern the platform, beanTech offers the option of outsourcing the management his team of experts (also with 24/7 multilingual coverage).

  • On-prem/cloud/hybrid
  • Open & Integable system
  • Extensible system
  • Managed services

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