Smart Factory Consultancy: Choose the best strategy for your company

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Smart Factory Consultancy: Choose the best strategy for your company

Do you want to digitize your industrial processes but are unclear which solution is right for you, what it will entail organizationally, or what the return on investment will be? beanTech is here to advise you on the best strategies.

To remain competitive in the contemporary business environment, it is necessary to stay abreast of the digital technological evolution and have a stable business organization with clearly delineated roles and flows.

But what strategic choices to make? What are the best technologies to adopt and how will they fit into the corporate organizational chart?

In the multiplicity of proposals available, it is not always easy to understand whether one is making the best choice for the “health” of one’s reality.

Taking the time to analyze and study the current state of your company’s digitization can be a great help in not running into choices that later turn out to be wrong.

In which of these challenges do you find yourself most?

I am aware that I need to digitize a certain process, but I am not sure why.

I have data collected from the machines, but I don’t know if it is the right data and what to do with it.

I want to integrate new technologies inside the factory environment, but I don’t know how to proceed.

I cannot calculate how soon I will have a return on investment as a result of incorporating a digital solution.

I would like to converge IT needs with business objectives.

I don’t know how to convey the value of digitization internally and how it can help the business organization.

The key players in change are you!

Our services are designed for leaders who have the vision and courage to lead their company through a digital transformation journey.biamento is you!



"I want to shorten the technology gap with competitors"


"I want to make my production more efficient"


"I want to connect IT systems to plants and digitize processes."


"Need support in designing and monitoring the progress of digital transformation initiatives."

Our Smart Factory consulting consists of several steps, choose only the ones you need:


Get to know the client’s industrial reality so as to identify pain and gain of the various functions and processes through interviews with stakeholders of interest, analyzing the digital maturity and current state of the industrial environment and how it is managed.


Optional (dedicated to those who use machinery and plants)

In-depth study of the data that is already collected by the plant, machines and sensors in the company trying to identify the logic of operation, volumes and type of information needed by the customer.


Optional (dedicated to machine and plant manufacturers – OEMs)

Consultancy aimed at defining new digital and after sales management services with subsequent study and “design” of the new digital solution to be included within the manufactured machinery and plants.



Once the current state of the industrial environment has been analyzed (assessment), the following is defined: a plan for digital transformation of industrial processes, designing tailored technological solutions to achieve the set goals; and a plan for training to the new digital ecosystem and feedback with the people involved.


It is possible to request the presence of a contact person to oversee the various stages of implementation, also communicating with partners outside of beanTech, becoming a single point of contact for customer support, progress of coordination activities, and installation and certification testing.


Provision, through monthly fees, of services of: training and ongoing support to users; ongoing management, monitoring and optimization of installed digital environments; sharing of periodic progress reports.

What are the strengths of the Smart Factory consulting proposed by beanTech?

Choosing our consultancy means taking advantage of specific expertise in the manufacturing sector:

  • We have been experts for more than 20 years in the digital transformation of industry;
  • We have a proprietary turnkey technology offering;
  • We can be a single point of contact to the various technology partners involved;
  • Our team is composed of IT and industrial experts and can support you along the entire data supply chain.

Create a solid strategic plan to digitize your factory

With our Smart Factory consultancy, you will have an action plan where it will be clearer to you:

  • How digital your company is;
  • How to improve your industrial processes and with what tools;
  • How much time is needed to implement digital solutions;
  • How much economic effort to devote and how quickly you will achieve ROI;
  • How to reorganize processes and activities of each resource.

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