Management control: Business Analytics for Goriziane

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The Goriziane Group is a company founded in 1948, with headquarters in Italy, in the province of Gorizia, a company in Singapore and a branch in Azerbaijan. The firm serves customers worldwide, operating under two different manufacturing divisions: Engineering & Construction and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul.


The difficulty arose following the assignment of an order lasting over 24 months which required a change in the cultural approach of management control. Up to that moment, the control had been of the consumptive type, but this logic no longer lent itself to the analysis of the newly acquired order: an approach was needed that looked to the future and not the past.

Goriziane Group thus felt the need to provide the company with a management support solution, which would allow for close monitoring and the ability to react immediately to the economic performance of the order, analysis and planning of the company’s cash flow and human resource management.

The Business Analytics solution for management control and finance offers Goriziane Group management a series of easily accessible and customizable analyses:


  • AS-IS situation monitoring of the order

  • Marginality of the order

  • Monitoring of forecasts at the end of the order

  • Forecast of the single order

  • Cost allocation


  • Analysis of dynamic financial needs by degree of certainty (budget, orders, billing)

  • Analysis of overdue assets/liabilities

  • Analysis and statistics of customers and suppliers

  • Bank balance tracking


  • Analysis of the methods of use of human resources within the single order

  • Workload analysis

  • Optimal allocation of resources in the various divisions and orders


Discover all the advantages and features of the Power BI solution designed for Goriziane.

[…] We felt the need to equip the company with analysis systems which, starting from the specific need of the multi-year order, were suitable for monitoring the entire company business, allowing constant control in terms of order analysis, human resources efficiency and medium to long term cash-flow trends.

The organizational benefit has been incredible. We are now able to know in real time any spending commitments or delays and to allocate resources during construction, with a view to rationalizing resources.

Carlo Bavosi
General Manager & CFO, Goriziane Group
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