Automatic visual quality control for Brovedani

Mechanical and industrial engineering

Brovedani is one of the leading companies in the production of high precision components for the automotive sector. Founded in the late 1940s in Pordenone, Brovedani is now a group made up of three companies and six production units.


Advanced automation and integrated Machine Vision, aimed at quality control of the final products and continuous improvement of the production process, are differentiating levers for Brovedani and its customers.

The need was therefore to develop a flexible and configurable system for the creation of automatic visual inspection stations, capable of constantly monitoring the quality of the pieces produced, evaluating them through dimensional and surface quality checks, in multinational companies.


Download the brochure to learn about all the advantages that AI has brought to Brovedani. *The document is in italina version*

beanTech has created a hardware and software architecture that allows the setting up of multi-station systems for dimensional and surface quality control in a very short time.

The solution developed for Brovedani consists of the following modules:

  • Integration with plant automation;
  • Acquisition towards camera/measurement sensors;
  • Processing;
  • Persistence;
  • User interface.

[…] The solution adopted through beanTech is enabling us to efficiently control the quality of batches and individual mechanical parts online with parameters tailored to the needs of different customers, thus reducing scrap. Given the positive results of the first project, we wanted to integrate advanced Deep Learning capabilities to further enhance the quality of surface control. This allowed us to achieve very high accuracies in defect detection while keeping the level of false rejection within very low limits.

Sergio Barel
CEO, Brovedani
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