Company IT activity management for Sacilese Industriale Vetraria

Manufacturer of glass, ceramics & concrete

Sacilese Industriale Vetraria is a leading company in the transformation and supply of flat and curved tempered glass with over 60 years of experience throughout Europe. Thanks to a team of about 100 specialized collaborators, operating 24 hours a day, the company is able to produce over 1 million glass products a year.


The primary need of Sacilese Industriale Vetraria was, following changes in the company workforce, to completely restructure IT management. There are two fundamental pillars of this reorganisation: user support provided by internal personnel and management of infrastructure and “core” services delegated externally.

Over time, the customer’s needs have increased: in fact, Sacilese has requested to implement additional areas of coverage of the external service to ensure total management in the cybersecurity area, continuous 24/7 support to limit operational downtime as much as possible in terms of business continuity, Disaster Recovery and Long Term Backup in Datacenter.


Sacilese Industriale Vetraria has chosen Managed IT Services to help its business evolve: find out all the details of the solution.

beanTech Managed IT Services allow customers to focus on their business and on innovation, outsourcing the management of corporate IT complexities (also in terms of process), application support, management of user reports, data and information security and, in general, all non-value activities, guaranteeing greater reliability, flexibility and costs proportionate to real needs.

The benefits also translate into having the experience, knowledge and technical support of the best experts in the sector available, with a view to being a single partner for the entire data chain.

The collaboration with beanTech was important to support both the reorganization of the IT area of Sacilese Industriale Vetraria and also to support the company’s evolution. Based on the company development plans, the decision to entrust the Managed Services to beanTech has allowed Sacilese Industriale Vetraria to focus its resources on the important technological investments planned for the two-year period 2021-22 […].

The support of beanTech has allowed Sacilese Industriale Vetraria to be able to devote itself to the complexity of new projects, with the certainty that managed services had been entrusted to a structured, professional and flexible partner.

Emanuele Parpinelli
Direttore di stabilimento - Managing Director, Sacilese Industriale Vetraria
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