Managed IT Services: demand the management of your IT department

Managed IT Services: demand the management of your IT department

Managed IT Services can be the key to proactivity in your business, allowing you to focus on daily challenges, outsourcing the management of non-core activities to a certified partner.

With digitalization, IT Managed Services (or Managed IT Services) have become crucial for companies. Let’s understand why. Let us understand why together.

The continuous evolution of the IT market imposes on organizations efficiency and control, prevention and timely reaction to business flexibility requests. Where the company does not have the qualified resources to meet these needs, it is possible to outsource IT services by having them managed by external qualified personnel. This method allows the company to concentrate its resources on the business and delegate the “turnkeymanagement of the IT infrastructure and all non-core digital activities to a team of experts.


Managed IT Services: features and proposal benefits.

Our solution allows companies to delegate some or all of the ordinary and/or extraordinary management activities to our specialized teams.

The service is built on the real needs of each reality, without pre-determined standard packages, allowing for full configuration flexibility (which activities to delegate, at what time, in how many locations, …)


Focus on the core activities of your business, we'll take care of the rest


Gain greater cyber security with improved infrastructure and user operational efficiency


Ask for help for any type of problems, we can be your single point of contact (SPOC) for all services, including third parties


In-depth progress reports on services with continuous updates on ongoing activities


We guarantee up to 24HR coverage, multilingual and response times within 1 hour


Keep costs under control with all-inclusive monthly fees

A SPECIALIZED TEAM always at your disposal!

A SPECIALIZED TEAM always at your disposal!

The recruitment of specialized technical personnel is a very complex aspect that weighs heavily on all company human resource offices. With Managed IT Services it is possible to access resources that are always up to date on the latest technological trends, available all year round even when your staff goes on holiday.

Why choose beanTech Managed IT Services?

The beanTech offer allows access to services that embrace the needs of an all-round company, creating a tailor-made information and technological ecosystem without “plastering” organizations with preconfigured packages:

  • Each project is created uniquely for each specific company;
  • Certified and up-to-date staff: our team is always trained in the latest technologies in order to provide quality support to customers;
  • The management of assigned activities is always monitored, guaranteeing a drastic reduction in problematic issues as well as greater cost control;
  • A continuously monitored process that over time will be increasingly optimized in identifying bottlenecks;
  • As the months go by, it will be possible to automate some processes, transforming and evolving the service according to future needs.

Our design approach:

I choose what to MONITOR:

In this phase we listen to all the difficulties and how the company is organised.

I choose what to MANAGE:

Once all the difficulties have been analysed, we move on to the phase in which we make a list of activities to be delegated in whole or in part to our team of experts.

I choose with which SLA:

Now the time has come to understand with what coverage the company wants the service to be provided (Monday-Friday, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day).

We package the OFFER:

The offer is ready to be packaged by defining a monthly fee.

The main parameters of Managed IT Services in numbers:


Success stories: reliable, flexible customized solutions tailored to real business needs.

IT infrastructure management: managed IT sevices for Crocco
Company IT activity management for Sacilese Industriale Vetraria
Still have doubts?

Our team is ready to answer your questions on any aspects that are unclear regarding our offer.

In the meantime, let us tell you that:

  • Companies are not tied down for years or months, if you do not feel comfortable, just withdraw from the contract with a period of notice that we can decide together;
  • Your company is not too complex (as you may fear), we are structured to meet the needs of all users;
  • We keep your data safe, as if it were our own.

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