Greater accuracy of the Forecast question for LimaCorporate

Production of orthopedic implants

LimaCorporate, based in Villanova di San Daniele, is one of the world leaders in orthopedic reconstructive and fixation solutions for surgical operations and additive manufacturing plants in the healthcare sector. Lima has direct branches in 24 countries (Europe, Asia, USA and Latin America) and covers over 43 of them thanks to its network of distributors.


In an increasingly competitive context, being the best at serving the customer is one of the main keys to success. However, with rapidly changing trends, new distribution strategies and new products to bring to market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict what customers will want and to estimate future commercial demand. It is therefore correct to say that predictions are never easy, but we must always try to increase their accuracy.

LimaCorporate therefore needed a solution to process, analyse, validate and share forecast demand with the other company functions, with the aim of balancing supply and demand, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and optimizing the use of company resources.


Discover all the functions and advantages of the solution created together with LimaCorporate.

The implementation of the Demand Planning solution has led to a significant percentage increase in terms of forecast accuracy.

[…] The Demand Planning project, implemented by beanTech, has allowed us to obtain a standardized forecasting system (processes and means), which is able to anticipate events, quickly incorporate the latest information and react quickly, avoiding stockouts, inventory costs and organizational costs.

Ilaria Del Gallo
Demand Planning Manager, LimaCorporate
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