High Computing Power: HPC for Area Science Park

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Technological innovation in FVG passes through the Area Science Park, a national research and innovation body supervised by the MUR, the Ministry of University and Research. Among the technological infrastructures present on the campuses is the Genomics and Epigenomics Platform, an open lab available to the world of research and business which works in synergy with the main national and international partners in the sector.


Genomic analysis is based on platforms equipped with enormous computing power, capable of supporting the weight of the research. Area Science Park required a very high profile HPC (High Performance Computing), a dynamic, flexible and safe development environment.

An interconnected system, accessible to researchers and entrepreneurs who work on the established campuses as well as to third parties, prestigious national and international entities, which work in support of genomic research.

A ‘sui generis’ Datacenter, a novelty in the world of information technology, based on DELL Technologies servers, configured and sized according to Area's needs, and enclosed within a container.

  • Ability to process a huge volume of data in a limited amount of time;
  • Flexible, high-performance hardware with very high potential;
  • Great computing power, to process the information provided by genomic sequencers;
  • System that can be improved and upgraded in the second step, thus ensuring not only scalability, but also futurism;
  • Real-time and constant monitoring of the infrastructure, to avoid anomalies that could compromise the search results;
  • Computational performance that can be “granted” to third parties, favoring the sharing of knowledge and expertise.


Find out how Area Science Park has improved computing performance with the beanTech HPC solution.

A scientific and technological infrastructure to support local excellence focused on genomic analysis and epigenomic research. It is the project we have worked on and which we have implemented thanks to the collaboration of excellent partners, such as the University of Udine and the Institute of Applied Genomics (IGA), a reality that has always been a point of reference in the sector. Open to the world of research and the business world, the platform is part of a wider network that brings together resources and skills in favor of the regional and national territory, and which aims to be a lever for the growth and competitiveness of the territories. […]

Stefano Casaleggi
Direttore Generale, AREA Science Park
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