IoT for Production efficiency: Smart Factory for Fameccanica

Automation & Robotics

Founded in 1975, Fameccanica Data SpA is the worldwide reference company in the design and production of machinery for disposable hygiene products and integrated, highly automated systems for filling. With three operating offices located in Italy, China and the United States, Fameccanica also stands out for its attention to environmental sustainability.


Fameccanica addresses the industrial sector, with a series of cutting-edge solutions, all in the name of the IoT philosophy. The usual data chain (the information starts from the production line and reaches the operator’s attention) passes through the cloud, so that it is accessible anywhere and from any platform. 

Fameccanica’s need was to provide a tailor-made service, collecting as much data as possible and making the most of it.

To do this, it was looking for a structured, yet flexible and multi-purpose partner, with proven experience in the Industrial IoT field combined with the development of applications based on Microsoft Azure. 

The implementation of the innovative solution (platform in the name of the cloud), realised by creating an ecosystem of collective intelligence, allows for numerous advantages:


  • Production performance monitoring;

  • Production reports;

  • Details of the machine variables;

  • Efficiency evaluation;

  • Possibility of optimizing format changes on the machine.


  • Production quality analysis, thanks to Machine Learning;

  • Machine status;

  • Management of machine variables (temperature, unit setting values, material tensions).


  • Ability to allocate resources as needed;

  • Scalable infrastructure capable of supporting company business developments;

  • Possibility of freeing users from being physically present in the company headquarters, favouring smart working policies.


Discover all the features and advantages of the solution created together with Fameccanica.

[…] In choosing a partner for the development of the project, the decision fell on beanTech, thanks to its experience in the manufacturing field. Thus was born a fruitful exchange of ideas, ideas that Fameccanica has developed and channeled towards the needs of the customer, thus managing to make a difference in a world with still untapped potential. As far as production in the broadest sense is concerned, I am convinced that flexibility will be the keystone of the future, first of all with a view to containing costs. The projects created in collaboration with beanTech have their eyes turned to what will come, with their roots firmly planted in the present. There is always an opening for eventual changes and improvements.

Paola Olivieri
Head of Business Development, Fameccanica Group
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