MES & Industry 4.0 for ZML Industries

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ZML Industries, part of the Cividale SpA Group, is a leader in aluminum die-casting, in grey and ductile cast iron casting and in the production of copper or aluminum enameled wire; with over 50 years of experience, it is recognized as the ideal partner by well-known mechanical brands.


ZML Industries expressed the need to interconnect the automatic High Pressure Die Casting islands of the Aluminum Division in a 4.0 perspective. This in order to allow for performance monitoring and the final balance of factory data in real time.

The request is accompanied by the need to connect the value of each single process parameter to the single product obtained, already characterized with a datamatrix code, for complete traceability along the automotive supply chain.

The industrial IT solution capable of increasing the quality of the ZML Industries proposal, as well as enabling the specifics of Industry 4.0 integration.


  • Multi-protocol platform
  • Integrated MES and SCADA features
  • End-To-End Solution
  • Access to Industry 4.0 incentives
  • Historicization of all data


  • Remote real -time control of the production plant
  • Greater reliability and objectivity of data
  • Fast and structured data analysis
  • Corrective/preventive interventions on failures or rejects


Discover all the features and advantages of the solution created together with ZML Industries.

The complete domain of the process parameters in the time dimension, supported by adequate statistical analysis, allows us to rationally support the process of continuous improvement and to more easily link cause and effect within the traceability dynamics of the automotive market, especially for the safety products that characterize our production. The project developed with beanTech has allowed us to take another step towards the control of complex processes such as the die-casting of aluminium alloys, characterized by multiple independent variables to be kept under constant control.

Roberto Temresian
Industrial Manager - Alluminium Division, ZML Industries
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