Monitoring & interconnecting production machines for Friul Intagli


Friul Intagli Industries SpA was founded in the late 1960s in Prata di Pordenone as an individual company operating in the furniture sector. Today the company is one of the largest producers of furniture components and RTA furniture in the world, while maintaining the family business identity intact.


A solution capable of satisfying three specific needs: monitoring the product along the production line (active 24/24h, 7/7 days) in which semi-finished products are transformed into finished products (kit furniture), with high production flows; connect the machines and the production management system (MES) with a view to hyper-depreciation , to ensure monitoring of what is being produced and of the activity of each individual part of the plant; measure the consumption of energy used, to have visibility of the distribution of consumption in the various plants and fulfill the legal obligation relating to the “energy diagnosis” for energy-intensive companies. 

beanTech has developed a Data Exchange framework, a solution capable of coordinating and interconnecting the various machines that make up the new production plant.


  • High volumes of data;

  • Flexible management and use of data;

  • Technical documentation compliant with the 4.0 technological transformation.


  • Measurement of consumed energy;

  • Energy measurement system compliant with the Guidelines defined by ENEA.


  • Continuous performance monitoring;

  • System capable of interfacing with various communication protocols.


Discover all the functions and advantages of the tailor-made solution for Friul Intagli Industries. *The document is in italian version*

We chose beanTech to create an industry 4.0 interconnection solution between the different machines of our new production line and our production management systems. The objective was twofold: on the one hand to make the new line “hyper-damping” according to the technological dictates of the so-called “Calenda decree” and on the other to build a standard system that could be reused to make existing lines intelligent <…>. The beanTech team has designed and built an integrated hw / sw system capable of collecting efficiency data and governing automation, with a level of interconnection that has allowed us to enjoy tax benefits. […]

Carlo Casetta
ICT Manager, Friul Intagli Industries
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