Machinery Interconnection for Industry 4.0

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Machinery Interconnection for Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 Machinery Interconnection is a fundamental requirement for accessing the benefits of the National Transition Plan 4.0, a great growth opportunity for the Italian manufacturing sector.

Machine interconnection and the National Transition Plan 4.0 are closely linked; the latter, in fact, encourages and supports the digitalization process of production, through a substantial tax refund of the investment in machines and systems, thus making it less burdensome for the company. To take advantage of this opportunity, therefore, the need arises to interconnect all the capital goods, object of the investment, to the factory IT systems.

The ideal solution can be obtained through a single technical and project platform, capable of standardizing data flows to make the most of them and collaboratively coordinating all the stakeholders involved.

This is why we are the only interlocutor for the project proposal, personally following all phases: from the analysis of investments and accessible financing, to the coordination of all suppliers, to the analysis and implementation of the technological solution, up to coordination with the consultants in charge of the final appraisal for access to the subsidy.

A flexible solution that allows bidirectional interconnection and that guarantees compliance with regulatory constraints within the defined times.

How does Machine Interconnection Industry 4.0 work?

ASSIGNMENT: start-up of the project with formal passage endorsed by the customer.

CONSTRAINTS & TARGETS: presentation of documentation by the customer and definition of project objectives and constraints.

INVESTMENT ANALYSIS: technical-normative and economic assessment with assessment for access to I4.0 tax breaks.

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: technical assessment and bidirectional interconnection solution design for I4.0 requirements.

SOLUTION DEVELOPMENT: implementation and testing of the technological solution.

INSTALLATION & GO-LIVE: installation and testing of the technological solution.

I4.0 APPRAISAL: final draft of the appraisal for investment certification.

If you are looking for a partner who supports you in Machine Interconnection for Industry 4.0, you are in the right place!


Our gained experience together with a multidisciplinary team allow us to provide a complete proposal that meets all the needs of the production sectors in the Industry 4.0 Certification field.

We know how to solve every technical aspect thanks to our automation and communication platform: the goal is to standardize the flow of data from the field to management and vice versa, implementing the bidirectional interconnection required by law between machines and company ERP.

The advantages of Machine Interconnection for Industry 4.0

The return on investment (ROI) for a company that chooses to interconnect its machines and/or plants can be seen on several fronts, but there are other advantages not to lose sight of:

  • Cost savings: greater operations efficiency;
  • Transparency: get timely and certified insights that will help you learn more about your operating process, understanding where to improve;
  • Energy efficiency: use your plant and/or machinery responsibly when and how necessary, knowing that if a stop in production occurs, other machines can be used to make up for the fault.

Discover some of the machine interconnection projects for Industry 4.0 that we have implemented together with our customers.

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