Big Data Platform: Simplifies Data Complexity

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Big Data Platform: Simplifies Data Complexity

The Big Data Platform is flexible and scalable. Through Big Data Analysis tools data is transformed into "culture", enabling governance and access to information along the entire supply chain.

The main feature of the Big Data Platform is the ability to adapt to the most varied industries that aim to “get value from their data”.

It is a solution that can be seen as the enabling factor for the management of big data with structured conditions of internal analytics.

Data becomes the true corporate culture, in which memory and information are stored safely in one place.

The corporate collective knowledge, centrally digitized and organized in the best possible way (data lake, data warehouse), accompanies the growth and evolution of the company over time.

Big Data Platform: one solution for different needs.

Centralization of company know-how from heterogeneous given sources.

Custom KPIs based on your business metrics.

Self-service BI with the creation of reports that can be used by company key users.

Security and control of access to data according to policies and roles.

Certification and governance ensuring integrity from collection to display.

A scalable platform that evolves with your business needs.

Data management and analysis at different speeds.

The solution to your DAILY CHALLENGES. The big data platform will facilitate everyday activities, avoiding information misalignment and optimizing your time dedicated to analysis and research.


    • Institutional and punctual reporting for your meetings;
    • analysis for management control by enhancing the necessary KPIs;
    • analysis of staff hours by evaluating order by order;
    • details of management costs to evaluate consumption and the goodness of suppliers.


    • Manage and monitor your IT infrastructure from a single point;
    • monitors the functioning of one or more operating offices;
    • maintains high levels of security;
    • take advantage of the platform’s adaptability and scalability.


    • Analyze the production of your plants;
    • keep the quality and maintenance indexes under control;
    • raw consumption materials and energy.

Make certified and always up-to-date information available to company stakeholders to facilitate financial, production and commercial relationships and processes.

Thanks to the Big Data Platform powered by beanTech you can:

  • Obtain a precise and defined genealogy of your data;
  • Have big data architecture available that respects data security and control policies according to the different users present;
  • Know the metrics that make up your visual and access a given certificate;
  • Transforming information of value useful to the business through Machine Learning projects (Advanced Analytics & predictive models);
  • Increase the resources needed by the platform in step with your needs in a scalable and easy way;
  • Access a plug-n-play solution;
  • analytics dashboards (sales area, purchasing, supply chain, production, human resources, IoT, …).

Big Data Platform: a success story

Automatically integrating all heterogeneous data sources, streamlining processes in the hands of controllers, and making use of information in an immediate and always up-to-date manner are just some of the benefits Idealservice has found using Big Data Platform.

Now the company has a solution that enables it to:

  • Have greater operational efficiency;
  • Make more accurate business decisions;
  • Adapt more easily to market changes.
Big Data Analytics Platform: management control for Idealservice
A Modern Data Platform to support digital transformation for Biesse

We are your partner for big data management!

Choose the Big Data Platform to transform into a data-driven company.

Together with beanTech you can start your Digital Transformation journey and take advantage of the best technologies on the market.


  • Market leading technologies;
  • Team with field gained experience;
  • Consulting and training on the solution to ensure business evolution;
  • Service and maintenance after delivery.

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