Big Data Analytics Platform: management control for Idealservice

Facility management & environmental services

Founded in 1953, over time Idealservice has established itself on the Italian market as a cleaning and logistics services company in the healthcare, civil and industrial sectors and in waste collection.

Idealservice has always been a promoter of values such as sustainability, equality, transparency and environmental protection, which also find their reasons in the social status of a cooperative as a building of a livable and positive future not only for its members but also for the entire community.


Idealservice needed a technology partner that could help it centralize its entire corporate data assets within a single platform.

In the first instance, the management control department was looking for a solution capable of automating manual operations repeated every month that were useful for creating overviews of business performance to be shared with company management.

These repetitive activities were in fact managed manually on Excel and/or Access files leading to a high loss of time in the various phases of data entry, data quality and management of rules (policies) specific to the business.

Big Data Platform: functions and features of the solution designed on the real needs of Idelservice.

The solution is based on Microsoft Azure cloud services with Synapse Analytics and aims to automatically integrate all updated and populated heterogeneous data sources into a single repository.

The end result is an efficiency of processes in the hands of controllers and an immediacy of data fruition on two fronts:

  • At the BUSINESS level via special business performance overview dashboards;
  • At the OPERATIONAL level through access to detailed data to have greater control over the information.

The main features of the Big Data Platform are:


The solution can be integrated with additional components, depending on different analysis needs.


The scope is extendable as the data grows.


Computational capacity can be adapted to different load levels.

INTEGRATION & MANAGEMENT of data from heterogeneous sources using the three different Analytics Engines (SQL Pool, Spark Pool, and Synapse Data Explorer).


Learn about the Big Data solution built for Idealservice.

Our main objective was to create a centralized platform that would allow the efficient acquisition, storage and analysis of large amounts of data from different sources inside and outside the company’s on-prem infrastructure, while ensuring scalability, security and correctly sized operational costs.

The choice of technology partner was made with beanTech, as an established reality capable of designing, implementing and conveying a cutting-edge technology solution tailored to our specific needs. […] The end result was a Data Platform capable of offering a complete, real-time view of business data, a strategy that allowed for greater operational efficiency, reduced response time, improved quality of business decisions, and greater adaptation to market changes thanks to the rapid acquisition, integration and analysis of data, up to predicting customer behavior and nascent market trends.

Big Data Analytics Platform: management control for Idealservice
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