Cybersecurity & Security Operation Center Services

Cybersecurity & Security Operation Center Services

Minimize the risks associated with cyber threats by relying on a structured service provider to support you with business-friendly cybersecurity and SOC services.

To what level can you afford to risk your business?

With the new agile and remote working methods, the web and the spread of the Internet of Things, IT security is increasingly a need that affects all levels of IT and, above all, all sectors.

Routes that lead to cyber threats are increasingly numerous and sensitive data, profitability and reputation, but also assets (not just IT) of a company are high-risk elements, which need safeguarding so as to not compromise the company’s internal assets.

Without an adequate protection system, identifying, blocking and countering an IT attack when needed would create a risk too high to bear, not to mention the waste of time and resources.

Demand IT security management by leveraging cybersecurity services:

Transversal security management to business processes with constant adherence to regulatory requirements.

Effectively respond to new threats with constant, proactively managed updates.

Periodic checks and verifications useful for keeping the level of risk at a minimum.

Implementation and management of data and information flows of security by design applications.

Trust beanTech's Security Operation Center (SOC), the operations center from which services aimed at the security of its customers' information systems are provided, becoming a full-fledged Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

Our SOC framework, based on that of NIST, designed to cover the areas of Data Security and Data Protection, is structured in five phases:

  • IDENTIFY: What processes and resources need protection?
  • PROTECT: Implement appropriate safeguards to ensure the protection of company assets;
  • DETECT: Implement appropriate mechanisms to identify the occurrence of cybersecurity incidents;
  • RESPOND: Develop techniques to mitigate the impacts of cybersecurity events;
  • RECOVER: Implement the appropriate process to restore capabilities and services compromised due to cybersecurity events.

In SECURITY DATA, the benefits of the SOC service are:

  • Identify and classify sensitive information with pinpoint accuracy;
  • Reduce your exposure to risk;
  • Detect threats in time to avoid data breaches;
  • Achieve and demonstrate compliance.


In the SECURITY DEFENSE area, the benefits are:

  • Detect and respond to threats in real time wherever they occur;
  • Cover zero-day vulnerabilities;
  • Unified control of OT, IT and IoT environments;
  • Block attacks at machine speed by leveraging AI Self-learning.

Security and risk management has long been a priority and a challenge to which companies of all sizes and sectors are called to respond. Trust beanTech to manage all these aspects, this will allow you to:

    • A “security by default” and “security by design” approach in every IT environment, from infrastructure to applications, in IT, OT and IOT environments;
    • A structured approach to services based on a combination of skills and technologies, developed and organized on the basis of certified methodologies and frameworks (ITIL, NIST, ISO/IEC27001).
    • ‘’Business oriented ” approach to security where the focus is the maximum risk reduction of the corporate business;
    • Support and consultancy for all activities of definition, planning and flow reviews and processes related to the implementation of security measures.
    • Constant control and monitoring (24 hours a day) of adherence to the defined security measures with proactive verification of the status of the services provided;
    • Constantly updated technical, procedural and regulatory training.

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