MOM systems: optimizes and improves all factory operational processes

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Operations Management
MOM systems: optimizes and improves all factory operational processes

With MOM beanTech solutions you gain full control of your production facilities, managing production, logistics, quality, maintenance and labor from one integrated solution.

The ability to merge and optimize, in a single integrated tool, production, quality, logistics and maintenance priorities becomes the key to achieving the overall goals of an industrial reality.

MOM, Manufacturing Operations Management, systems are designed to lead the manufacturing world in digital transformation.

The four components of the Operation and Execution concept are merged into a single Center of Excellence, an integrated system connected to all plants, capable of defining the rules of each process and disseminating them.

Everyone has questions and challenges every day.... Don't worry, solving and overcoming them is our job!

  • Have I finished today’s work? What has been done? What am I missing?
  • What are the main reasons for plant downtime at the plant? How long do plants remain idle in case of failure?
  • What is the actual production quality level of our plant? Is it adhering to the required standards?


  • What is the productivity of my resources?
  • Is the plant actually I4.0? Do I want to digitize more operational processes…?
  • Are the inventory levels of raw materials and semi-finished goods correct?


  • What is the cost of producing that item?
  • What is the average monthly labor cost of that department? Does it make sense to outsource?
  • What is the correct inventory valuation of raw materials or finished product?



The main features of a beanTech software MOM.

Do many things with one solution!


Beginning with sequencing with dispatching of all documentation required for production and logistics


Knowing production progress order by order to communicate status to stakeholders


Managing traceability from raw material to finished product and vice versa


Guide and monitor handling and inventory to support the production process


Digitize the quality control process between modeling, documentation and reminders to controls


Manage routine and extraordinary maintenance in planning, assignment and execution of interventions

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) systems: integration of systems

Don’t lose more information useful for improving the entire supply chain.


Continuous and ongoing monitoring of performance related to all machines, tools, materials, and personnel engaged, with the goal of proactively guiding processes and the availability of data and information to support managers’ decision-making.


Planning of quality controls differentiated by family, items, stages and customers, with the objectives of identifying nonconformities, critical issues and defects and implementing reaction plans, to bring operational processes back into compliance and maintain the value of manufactured goods at a high level.


The entire internal supply chain is followed, from the arrival of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product, through the processes of cross-docking, receiving, replenishment and shipping integrated with production processing and internal movement management between inter-operational locations and warehouses.


Both preventive and reactive, with the scheduling of routine interventions based on the actual use and consumption of the assets at hand, measured through integration with data acquisition and, in the event of the unexpected, the ability to react promptly to containment of a production anomaly.


Gain real-time visibility into the performance of operators at one or more plants, simplifying the analysis and management of labor tracking by determining efficiency KPIs and discovering where they have been achieved and/or where to improve them.

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