Smart Utility Platform for Multiutilities

Smart Utility Platform for Multiutilities

Smart Utility Platform is the native IoT platform, equipped with artificial intelligence and developed to simplify two-way communication between Services Companies – Multiutilities – and citizens.

The Smart Utility Platform is the innovative platform to support the data management of Multiutilities, designed for two-way communication with any device which, thanks to IoT technologies and the use of Artificial Intelligence, allows and simplifies the centralization of the collected data from devices in the field for faster and safer management of consumption.

The ultimate goal is the creation of a true territorial Business Intelligence, with greater transparency in billing and less waste, thanks to an intelligent and certified system that measures real data on consumption and guarantees the efficiency of the service in the territory.

The constant monitoring of remote activities does not imply the continuous presence of the operator, conveying the signals and diagnostic activities in a real “Control Room” for modern utility.

Smart Utility Platform features:

Asset and diagnostics tracking.

Alarm notification when problems occur such as events or exceeding of thresholds.

Guaranteed data certification.

Native integration with ERP (Enterprise resource planning) systems.

The MAIN ADVANTAGES for Multiutilities adopting the Smart Utility Platform solution are:

Scalability & resources tailored to specific needs: creation of data, information integrated into the database that can be viewed from all devices;

Optimization of activities: maintenance plans that automate workflows and minimize waste of resources in the management of field activities;

Information on demand: all information sent and received by the platform is secure, confidential and always available, in compliance with the most recent legislation on the processing of sensitive data;

Plug & Play: integrability with the most widespread industrial communication protocols

Territorial Business Intelligence: improvement of operational performance, monitoring system always active, failures and critical issues reported in real time;

Transparency & efficiency: Greater transparency in billing and less waste with an intelligent and certified system that measures real data on consumption and guarantees the efficiency of the service in the area.

Smart Utility Platform is ready to change the scenario of the city for a smarter and citizen-friendly Smart City.


Cognitive services that simulate the behavior of a human neural network, furthermore, make the Smart Utility Platform integrable with intelligent Voicebot systems, such as chatbots and virtual assistants, to simplify the service to citizens within the Public Administration by digitizing services such as public offices and Call Centers.


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