Customized business flow management apps for E80 Group

Transportation, logistics, supply chain & warehousing

Specializing in the implementation of automated and integrated intralogistics solutions for consumer goods manufacturing companies in the beverage, food, tissue and diverse fields, E80 Group anticipated, back in 1992, the concept of Industry 4.0: the sustainable, interconnected and secure Smart Factory.


E80 Group was looking for a technology partner who could create applications useful for various daily collaboration activities between users inside and outside the company with the aim of streamlining the operation of flows, digitizing and integrating them with each other.

Specifically, they needed:

  • an app that would support them in managing on-boarding/off-boarding/replacement of equipment in use by staff for the IT department;
  • an app for digitized management of all project management flows in use by the E80 Group PM team.

Power Apps has been able to follow and meet all of Elettric80's collaboration needs, thanks to its fully customizable interface.

Based on Microsoft Power Apps, E80’s apps have the following features:


It has made it possible to work in a single app that automates tasks inside and outside E80 Group. Previously, in fact, users completed their tasks through manual actions, leading to slowdowns and loss of information.



It led to the creation of a stable, secure and fast system. Emphasis was also placed on aspects concerning usability in terms of user experience, so that an easy and intuitive application was made available for everyday activities.


Learn all the details of the Microsoft Power Apps-based solution developed for E80 Group.

E80 was at a time of rapid growth, where streamlining important but extremely repetitive processes had become a necessity both to regain time and to increase the quality of information and its transmissibility.

We looked for solutions that would build on the many tools made available by Microsoft, finding in beanTech a partner that has earned trust over time: a team of young people, able to listen and bring ideas.

Of the solutions proposed, the use of Power Apps as the engine of the solutions built proved valuable: flexible, able to interact with relative ease with Sharepoint, Teams and Boomi, creating a clear and managed process.

Luciano Spotti
Direttore IT Nord America, E80
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