Remote working for design: VDI in full outosurcing for EPTA

Commercial refrigeration

Epta, a multinational group specialized in the production and marketing of complete systems for commercial refrigeration, offers the market the widest and most varied range of solutions for the conservation and display of fresh and frozen products for the Retail, F&B and sectors, ensuring the supply, installation and maintenance of systems.


The immobility caused by the 2020 lockdown and a previous cyber-attack prompted Epta ‘s R&D and ICT departments to revolutionize the R&D software management architecture, in particular CAD and PLM (virtual desktop infrastructure). The goal was to obtain improvements in terms of performance, hw / sw centralized maintenance, scalability and simplification of the software infrastructure.

Epta therefore needed to improve the management of the workstations of its CAD designers, centralizing and guaranteeing high availability to the plants currently spread across Italy, France and the United Kingdom.

A further need was to improve the performance and management of the PLM system in use to guarantee a reliable and efficient service.

The VDI & Workspace As A Service solution makes it possible to provide virtual, graphic or office workstations from anywhere at any time by using the computing capacity of the Data Center resources. The main advantages are:


  • Single point of contact (SPOC) composed of a certified team able to manage the entire infrastructure and all support needs

  • Single and centralized platform

  • Security in data management


  • Graphics acceleration guaranteed by NVIDIA GPUs

  • Improved productivity, thanks to the centralization of CAD and PLM software

  • Increased performance thanks to the presence of a hyperconverged system


  • Ability to allocate resources as needed

  • Scalable infrastructure capable of supporting company business developments

  • Possibility of freeing users from being physically present in the company headquarters, favouring smart working policies such as smart working

The success story at a click

Read at your leisure all the details of the tailor-made solution for Epta.

[…] The VDI solution with server centralization was the choice that allowed us to win a challenge previously thought to be unthinkable. We are now operational in Italy and France, with the possibility of benefiting, even in smart working, from the same services offered by the in-house company workstation. Furthermore, the distribution of sw updates, the simplified activation of additional users, as well as the standardization of user-side configurations are always available. The collaboration with beanTech was instrumental in reaching our goals with speed and precision, analyzing the various phases of the project and adopting the necessary actions with weekly activity status monitoring, making the transition to the new infrastructure transparent for all users.

Paolo Perot
R&D Manager, Epta
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