VDI: virtual desktop & graphic workstations

VDI: virtual desktop & graphic workstations

Graphics workstations virtualization guarantees savings in time, costs and resources, whilst maintaining high performance levels.

Update user workstations in just a few clicks, enhance design platforms and make the data center safer and more performing.

Thanks to desktop VDI and graphic workstations, the IT office will be able to manage its infrastructure without worries or risks of down-time.

Virtualization is a solution where your data is safe in a centralized and highly reliable structure, accessible from any device (even remotely), while maintaining the same performance.

The advantages of a virtual desktop solution:

High reliability, centralized backup and greater intellectual property security.

Increased productivity thanks to the ability to work from anywhere and from any device with an internet connection.

High performance, due to the calculation and graphics processing delegated to the server, and the elimination of downtime.

Reduction of consumption, maintenance costs, and maximum flexibility in the creation of virtual machines with different power profiles.

Test VDI & find out how to improve your IT Infrastructure

Request a POC (Proof of Concept) of our desktop and/or workstation virtualization solution and together with your team you will have the opportunity to test all the strengths!

Different players, different needs: these are the main strengths of our graphics and desktop workstation virtualization (VDI) solution.


    • Improve corporate security
    • Reduce PC and software update and installation times
    • Create new workstations in the coffee break
    • Manage remote offices and branch offices from headquarters


    • Have your workstation anywhere and the same performance
    • Reduce the loading and saving times of your projects on the company server
    • Get extra performance on demand


    • Reduce management costs
    • Improve your work environment
    • Save energy

Why stop at just one offer? Here are our new proposals, even more flexible and suitable for your every need.



A proactive and decisive assistance service provided for a monthly fee that includes consultancy, maintenance, control and prevention IT system. beanTech becomes the single point of contact (SPOC) of the main IT technical partners, managing both hardware supply and the software necessary for VDI.



An optimized and scalable solution, based on Platform as a Service (PaaS) where the data center and VMware or Citrix virtual machines are managed on the cloud. The IT department delegates the day-to-day management of the infrastructure to the service provider and concentrates on the actual consumption required in terms of performance.

Desktop and Graphics Workstation Virtualization Case Studies: Find out what we've done for our customers.

Optimization of desktop workstations and graphics for Scavolini
Virtual workstations and data security: VDI for Riello
Remote working for design: VDI in full outosurcing for EPTA
Business Continuity on three continents: VDI for Oerlikon HRSflow
Virtualization of workstations: VDI for Autovie Venete

Increase productivity and efficiency, while decreasing costs with beanTech's standard graphics workstation virtualization offering.


The offer consists of a solution based on Dell Technologies servers, VMware Virtual Machines (Horizon View and VSAN) and high-efficiency graphics processors based on NVIDIA GPUs (Tesla, V100, RTX) which allow you to virtualize physical graphics workstations by increasing performance, efficiency and reducing costs.


Why choose us?

  • Our VDI solutions are certified for the most popular design software;
  • NVIDIA vGPU Elite Partners, VMware Solution Partners, Dell Technologies Platinum Partners, Microsoft Partners;
  • We have developed a high level of internal know-how and skills thanks to numerous projects completed with companies of different sizes and needs.

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