Virtualization of workstations: VDI for Autovie Venete

Highway Infrastructure

SpA Autovie Venete is the concessionary company of the A4 Venice-Trieste, A23 Palmanova-Udine Sud, A28 Portogruaro-Pordenone-Conegliano, A57 Mestre ring road and A34 Villesse-Gorizia motorways. The company, founded in 1928 became public in 1950, in addition to managing the network under concession, is working on the development of infrastructures in Northeast Italy.


Autovie Venete has multiple needs, both in the design office and other company departments: operational continuity, scalability, centralization of data and projects on a server infrastructure, savings in IT costs, elimination of downtime, consolidation and consequent gradual elimination of the approximately 650 physical workstations, as well as the virtualization of over 100 software necessary to guarantee the operations of the various departments of Autovie, given by different and heterogeneous applications.

Virtual desktop solutions proved to be ideal for Autovie’s needs.

Virtualization makes it possible to distribute applications through a single platform, providing the customer with extreme flexibility in managing the virtual hardware for their users.


    • Data security
    • Technologies Dell Technologies, VMware and NVIDIA, market leaders
    • Data centralization
    • Data center backups
    • Business continuity


    • NVIDIA vGP graphics acceleration
    • 3D graphics and access from any device, even remote
    • Improved productivity and mobility


    • Less maintenance
    • Less management costs
    • Rapid ROI
    • Resources assigned as needed
    • Creation of new workstations quickly and flexibly


All the details of the project created with Autovie Venete wherever and whenever you want.

Thanks to the project developed by the Sistemi dei Sistemi Informativi structure, the virtualization process sees all the data and programs normally used in fixed and physical locations transferred to the central servers in the Palmanova Data Center and, in a very short time, configured on the virtual computers for approximately 300 company employees, distributed in the various operational and administrative offices. This solution also made it possible to activate the “smart working” mode, allowing those who work from home to do so as if they were present in the office at their desk and ensuring total continuity of motorway management services. In terms of energy savings, management and maintenance costs, as well as operational efficiency, the benefit is evident; the experience and professionalism of beanTech have been determining factors for the achievement of this result.

Fabiano Tuniz
Responsabile Sistemi Informativi, Autovie Venete
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