BRAINKIN: the Field Service Management platform for OEMS

Monitor the operating parameters of all your machines from a single control room and immediately enable after-sales services.

How complex is it for a machine and/or plant manufacturer (OEM/ Original Equipment Manufacturer) to activate after-sales services with their end users? Very.

The reasons are mainly two:

  1. Before being able to issue an asset monitoring and maintenance service proposal, the OEM must provide a period of analysis  (approximately 1 year) and analyze the use of the assets for that specific end user;
  2. End users often prefer to contact third-party maintenance companies in the vicinity.

In this context, equipping the machines with an IoT part that allows remote control is the key to overcoming these obstacles and accessing the possibility to immediately activate maintenance services and efficient, proactive and reactive after-sales. All of this is BRAINKIN®.

The advantages for OEMs adopting a Field Service Management solution:

Enabling after-sales services to a new customer in time zero therefore increasing loyalty.


Remote monitoring of machinery from all over the world from a single control room.

Reception of malfunction alarms and updated management of the spare-parts warehouse.

The possibility to do R&D on machines thanks to data analysis whilst also aiming to improve the assets offered to the market.

BRAINKIN features: everything Field Service Management needs.

The field service department is the one that manages, thanks to proactivity and punctuality, to maintain a high level of customer loyalty.

In order to ensure that the customer operates to the maximum it is essential to equip them with the right tools:


Manage spare parts and allocate maintainers


React proactively and decisively to problems and reduce intervention times


Monitor the KPIs of all machines and plan out the maintenance of each one, scheduling the interventions before any potential stops


Replenish the warehouse with what you need, without setting up large spaces for storage


Eliminate all paper documentation (it’s easily lost)


Integrate BRAINKIN® into your main applications (MES, ERP, CRM, …) for unified information management

Schedule maintenance interventions, allocate the right resources without overlaps:

BRAINKIN, the Field Service that integrates with your CRM with just one click.

BRAINKIN, the Field Service that integrates with your CRM with just one click.

Each end user is different and for this reason it is necessary to track their needs in a timely manner. Integration between BRAINKIN® and company CRM is the key to profile and historicize information and make the field service department ever more efficient.

OEM companies that have chosen BRAINKIN: the solution to making a difference in after-sales services and increasing loyalty.

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