Demand Planning: process & analyze the demand

Demand Planning: process & analyze the demand

Processes, analyses, validates and shares the demand forecast with the other company functions, with the solution based on historical sales data, enriched and supported by parameters and correlations specific to the company business and the customer's reference market.

The beanTech Demand Planning platform is a modular, configurable and scalable solution which allows the demand planner, via an algorithmic engine, to process the forecast demand over different time horizons and at different levels of aggregation of the forecast object, as well as the interactive analysis, validation and sharing of the forecast within a web portal, designed to support the specifics of the customer’s business.

Demand Management for:

  • Efficient planning of the supply chain and the production process;
  • Reduction of over-stock and stock-out;
  • Reduction of logistic and distribution costs;
  • Fast market response times with variable forecast horizons;
  • Improvement in the level of customer service;
  • Personalization and recursive re-parameterization of algorithms to respond to internal and/or external variations;
  • Targeted management of promotions;
  • Integration with external market information and variables.

The three modules of the Demand Planning platform support a cyclical demand forecasting process in which each step is parameterized and configurable to maximize value and performance.


  • Manages historical analysis and optimizes demand forecasting.


  • Dedicated multi-lingual web portal to support the collaborative and approval process.


  • View, manage and analyze aggregated data.

Why is demand planning important?

Do I have too much stock? Or too little? What will the market demand? Demand planning will help you solve these question marks by giving you a competitive edge on new trends. In this way you will be able to avoid loss of turnover, minimize unused stock as well as warehouse costs. 

Predicting demand is one of the fundamental aspects to make your business reactive and will allow you to make the right decisions supported by certified data and therefore creating greater satisfaction for your customers. 

The demand planning process provides an analysis of valuable information that will open up new avenues that you were previously unaware of or that you did not give due importance to. 

The Demand Planning process

To create a planning cycle it is essential to create a well-defined Demand Planning process. The various phases of which it is composed will reveal valuable information for the business, discovering how to best position one’s products and how to increasingly satisfy the market. Choosing this solution will revolutionize the entire company by optimizing every link in the supply chain.


Collecting data from both internal and external sources to gather information to predict or influence demand.

Statistical analysis of sales, inventory, warehouse, logistics and other areas. Knowing the history and the as-is well leads to making winning strategies for the future.

Data modeling to create analyzes suitable for demand planning, where information is “cleaned” and shaped according to the parameters of the demand.

Collaboration with your network of suppliers, producers, sellers to collect all the information you need to know about future events (promos, closures, production delays, etc.).

The value of Demand Planning


  • Increased level of service
  • Ability to anticipate market needs


  • Correct management of the planning system
  • Optimization of resources, even critical ones


  • Optimization of warehouse stocks
  • Improved management of materials in the distribution network


  • Quantitative support in budget development
  • Increases in margins


  • Profitable framework agreements with suppliers
Greater accuracy of the Forecast question for LimaCorporate
Reduce the demand forecasting error for Morato Pane
Demand Forecast for Stroili Oro
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