Process innovation: redesign industry with AI

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Process innovation: redesign industry with AI

Significantly increase the efficiency of your processes and products, reducing costs, reorganizing the workforce and increasing end customer satisfaction, thanks to an AI-driven solution.

The new models of Industry 4.0 promote new opportunities for growth and development in the manufacturing sector.


The innovation process enabled by Artificial Intelligence technologies drives a structural change in business processes. This transforms the operational scenarios of each company, improving the efficiency of processes.

Within the Digital Transformation, the ability to model the process is of central importance for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Through these tools it is possible to intervene in an incisive and effective manner to optimize the production cycle.


Our examples of OF PROCESS INNOVATION: Artificial Intelligence solutions, ACCURATE, FLEXIBLE, NON-INVASIVE and ADAPTABLE to different industrial contexts.



Thanks to AI, it has been possible to develop a solution for controlling the quality of eggs and counting them in real time: the characteristics of the product are verified, the presence of any anomalies, the state of health of the animals and the correct maintenance of the production equipment. The resulting advantages are several: complete traceability, livestock health monitoring, guaranteed product quality, etc.



For production line control, a solution has been devised with a smart-camera that monitors production in real-time, using advanced AI algorithms, in the various stages of the process. This has made it possible to comply with the highest quality standards and has brought numerous advantages: very accurate objective control, improvement of automation, real-time process diagnosis, etc.



The identified solution for real-time bar counting on the conveyor belt and their separation consists of a contactless system based on artificial intelligence (AI). The main advantages of the solution are: 99.99% counting accuracy, automatic separation control and no configuration required at production changeover.

DanCounter is the optical solution based on Artificial Intelligence developed together by Danieli Automation and beanTech for process and product innovation.


Our approach is unique and different!

  • Tailor -made solutions with respect to the customer’s needs;
  • A unique partner for a complete turnkey system;
  • Vertical experience in the industrial world;
  • Continuous evolution;
  • Mechanical, automation, and robotics design support;
  • Constant assistance and maintenance.

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