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Production Data Collection

Production data collection: the passe-partout solution capable of communicating with all technologies present in the production plant and of collecting and transmitting data from the devices, after having processed them from an "edge" perspective.

In an industrial plant there are disparate systems depending on the implemented supply chain, not always made by the same vendor and/or purchased at different times.

Each device (machine, sensor, PLC, etc.) produces a series of data, protected and transmissible only according to a specific protocol, a proprietary language.

Thus arises the need to have a standard tool available, able to standardize the diversity of languages and normalize the input and output data from each single machine, which is placed across all languages, to enhance the information.

Only in this way can field data be transformed into a valuable tool, capable of improving the management of operational processes, thanks to business analytics routines.

We propose a MULTI-PROTOCOL GATEWAY capable of interfacing with the industrial protocols already present in the plant, in order to recover the information.


A platform made up of a hardware and software layer that communicates with all existing standard and proprietary technologies, capable of collecting and transmitting data from devices, suitably standardized, and processing them from an ” edge ” perspective analytics”, to provide information on the machine.



We take care of standardizing the data sources, analyzing and integrating the industrial plant as a whole, coordinating the suppliers of the systems and devices, focusing attention on the hardware and software used. Based on the specific needs of the customer, thanks to a standard tool, a configurable and customizable solution is thus developed.

A constantly evolving, flexible, upgradable and extensible project, with connections to other machines: the aim is to guarantee full support for the current protocols, but with an eye on future market trends, dictated by the vendors.

The solution value

We are your one and only partner when it comes to the collection and management of your data.

Among the solutions we use are the hardware and software technologies of Beckhoff, an international company whose range of products covers the main sectors of industrial automation such as industrial PCs, fieldbus and I/O components, Motion Control and automation software.

Among the features implemented by the beanTech platform for bidirectional data exchange we can find standard protocols (OPC-UA, OPC-DA, Profibus, Profinet , Canbus , MQTT, serial, etc.), proprietary protocols ( MTConnect , Fanuc , Heidenhain , etc.) or sector protocols ( Euromap 63-77, SECS/GEM, etc.).

Monitoring of production activities: Industry 4.0 for STM
Production Data Analysis: Manufacturing Analytics for Brovedani
Data collection and supervision: business analytics for SIPA
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