Monitoring of production activities: Industry 4.0 for STM

Mechanics & precision instruments

Founded in 1989, STM Srl operates in the hot forging, upsetting and steel extrusion sector. The company covers an area of 55,000 m2, 11,000 of which are covered. Focusing on flexibility and quality, STM stands out in the national and international market, thanks to the integration of enabling technologies and cutting-edge tools.


Faced with the purchase of new furnaces, STM was looking for a technological solution capable of guaranteeing the bidirectional interconnection between the machinery and the factory information system, with the aim of monitoring production activities, data collection allowing real-time control and verification of order progress.

Not an easy project, to be developed with care and attention, in compliance with precise deadlines. A platform that complies with all the necessary requirements to take advantage of the concessions provided for by the National Industry 4.0 Plan.

beanTech has developed an End-to-End solution with an Industry 4.0 vocation, creating the network infrastructure directly in the factory with the help of its own networking devices.

Among the different features we find:

  • Bidirectional interconnection between the machines and the ERP-MES system;
  • Production control;
  • Real-time monitoring of machines;
  • Production progress display;
  • Detailed history of all the data arriving from the machinery.


Discover all the features and advantages of the solution created together with STM.

The technical skills of beanTech, the availability of its technicians and the flexibility of the technological platform adopted have allowed us to reach the goal within the time frame established by the legislation, attaching the technical report, essential for obtaining the tax breaks relating to the investments made. Despite tight schedules and significant technological constraints, we passed the exam with flying colours. […]

Ivo Serena
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