Production Data Analysis: Manufacturing Analytics for Brovedani

Mechanical or industrial engineering

Brovedani is one of the leading companies in the production of high-precision components for the automotive industry, which has come to be a group made up of six companies and eight production units. The experience acquired over the years has allowed the company to also dedicate itself to the production of motor vehicles, motorcycles and household appliances.

Customer needs

Brovedani, after embarking on a digital transformation process in the Italian plant (machine interconnection and data acquisition from the field), expressed the need to implement a manufacturing analytics analysis solution aimed at the analytical control of the production process.

The database already in use and the data coming from the machines not yet interconnected had to act as a source by automatically synchronizing the information, thus avoiding the operator having to manually insert the production data.

The Manufacturing Analytics solution proposed by beanTech is based on the Microsoft Power BI platform, which collects information relating to non-interconnected assets and the previous production of the interconnected plants.

The solution allows easy and exhaustive reading and collection of production data from industrial plants and ensures that these are constantly transmitted even to the old collection systems.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Real-time performance monitoring;
  • Multi-device reporting;
  • OEE increase;
  • Control and management of possible machine failures.


Discover all the further details of the Manufacturing Analytics solution created for Brovedani.

The use of manufacturing data from machines and production systems in general is the key to improving company competitiveness in today’s world. Brovedani forever at the forefront of TPM and lean manufacturing systems, intends with the digitization of field information to make another leap in quality in its operational performance and, above all, to provide new tools and skills to its Management to allow it to achieve the expected goals and improve the quality of the work of all the operators involved as well as that of the product.

Sergio Barel
CEO, Brovedani
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