Quality control: detect product defects on the production line

Quality control: detect product defects on the production line

Guarantee quality control through the accurate and real-time analysis of your surfaces with complex patterns and textures, where the traditional approach is impossible, through the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques applied to Machine Vision.

Excellence comes from quality and beanTech, thanks to its Artificial Intelligence professionals, has developed Machine Vision systems capable of responding to the process constraints and quality requirements of the industrial sector.

The success of Made in Italy is, today more than ever, inextricably linked to high quality products, capable of maintaining Italy’s positive image abroad.

To guarantee these high standards, we provide the skills of technicians specialized in AI and Machine Vision, the experience gained in multiple projects and constantly cutting-edge hardware and software technology.

The advantages of quality control:

Predictive maintenance and real- time detection of anomalies, compliance defects related to the process or material.

On line operator decision support.

Rationalization of production control and continuous analysis of inefficiencies.

Objectification of control.

Production monitoring and traceability.

Waste reduction.

Increased production efficiency.

Better positioning of the product on the market and recognition of the “made in Italyquality.

Monitor the entire production, ON LINE and IN REAL TIME, integrating quality control systems with advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

The quality control systems allow for 100% production verification, eliminating the subjectivity of the analysis and guaranteeing the end customer a product that complies with the requests.



Through AI algorithms and latest generation imaging sensors, we have developed a solution that can be applied to all flat surfaces. This technology has already been successfully applied in the line quality control of cabinet doors and stone and allows for the analysis, without false rejects, of surfaces with different colours, textures and finishes for which standard techniques are impracticable.



For the line quality control of the washers, a low-cost embedded system based on Deep Learning has been developed, which has brought the following advantages: accurate line quality control, continuous process monitoring and recipe-less system.



The automatic control system for heat sealing of measuring caps is an innovative imaging solution in which several acquisitions are analyzed simultaneously using advanced lighting techniques, to eliminate the influence of piece variability and obtain stable and accurate control. The technology used ensures an extremely accurate inspection, through an industrial grade HW that can be natively integrated into any automatic line.

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Thanks to the use of advanced AI and Machine Vision techniques, we guarantee accurate quality control, with respect to surface defects, dimensional verification and the presence/positioning of the various elements.

In addition to our know-how as a system integrator in the IoT field and unique partner in the data supply chain, we also provide the experience of our industrial technological partners.

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