MOM MES systems: manage & control your production

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MOM MES systems: manage & control your production

Get full control of your production plants, adapting standards to market demands and Industry 4.0 policies, thanks to MES and MOM solutions.

The organization of industrial production is a complex area of different components, such as resources, processes, tools, strategies and locations. Every industrial group, from small to large, cannot fail to take into account its own international dimension, both organizational, productive and market.

In this context, regardless of the sector of expertise, controlling and dominating one’s supply chain operations becomes the key strategic challenge.

The possibility of merging and optimizing production, quality, logistics and maintenance priorities in a single integrated tool becomes the key to achieving the overall objectives of a manufacturing company.

The MOM MES systems, Manufacturing Execution System and Manufacturing Operations Management, are designed to guide the manufacturing world in the digital transformation of the factory.

MOM and MES solutions are born with the aim of guiding, monitoring and increasing the efficiency of these processes.

With decades of experience gained in multiple applications, beanTech offers a range of sophisticated solutions equipped with powerful modeling tools and a flexible and configurable user interface, capable of improving:


Pro-active guidance of production processes and the availability of data and information to support manager decisions


Planning of quality controls differentiated by family, items, phases and customers, with the objectives of identifying non-conformities, criticalities and defects and implementing reaction plans, to make operating processes compliant again and maintain the value of the manufactured goods at a high level


The entire internal supply chain is monitored, from the arrival of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product, through the processes of cross-docking, receipt, replenishment and shipment, integrated with the production transformation and the management of internal handling between locations and warehouses inter-operational


Both preventive and reactive, with the scheduling of ordinary interventions based on the real use and consumption of the available assets, measured thanks to the integration with data acquisition and, in the event of the unexpected, the possibility of reacting promptly to contain a production anomaly

MOM systems represent the evolution of MES and aim at improving the performance and efficiency of factory operating processes.


The main objectives are to monitor the progress of production, stimulate collaboration between stakeholders, improve the quality of production in terms of defects and waste and keep company assets efficient, thanks to planning of the use of resources and materials based on innovative constrained optimization models.

The four components of the concept of Operation and Execution merge into a single Center of Excellence, an integrated system connected to all the plants of the industrial group, capable of defining the rules of each process and disseminating them.

  • Precise planning of human actions;
  • Definition of precise business rules, which can be defined independently and can be integrated according to needs within the workflow;
  • Single and distributed platform, which guarantees the connection between all components in the technological-production chain and the synchronization of each management process;
  • Constant improvement and maintenance of operating processes, production and product quality, plant maintenance.

Discover MOM MES systems through some of the successful cases created together with our customers.

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