MES systems: manage and control your industrial production

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MES systems: manage and control your industrial production

Adopt Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software and manage your factory's production by keeping track of the areas critical to the execution of operations.

MES was born as a system capable of managing and controlling every aspect of the production process. In an increasingly demanding and dynamic market, it is essential to have solutions capable of maximizing operational efficiency to ensure sustainable growth and development.

Through the continuous and bidirectional exchange of data, beanTech MES systems will allow you to inform and involve all the figures employed in the production process, following each step step by step, optimizing the entire supply chain and drastically reducing costs.

The advantages of beanTech MES systems

Digitize operations management and don’t miss out on valuable information.


Monitor all production data and gain greater control of the entire process


Manage the various steps more streamlined and with fewer bottlenecks thanks to data analytics


Dematerialize some processes, avoiding loss of key information and documents


Adhere to current Industry 4.0 regulations and bring your factory up to speed


Bidirectionally interconnect your machines and make them talk to each other to get the most out of their production capabilities


Produce more consciously, decreasing waste of energy, materials and paper documentation (paper-less)

The main functionalities of a manufacturing execution system (MES)

An advanced solution to simplify your work with the forms you need.


The company’s existing ERP management system can be integrated with the MES by allowing basic data exchange (protocol and boundary tables) such as: item master, orders and production stages, bills of materials, order progress and production stages.


In the Industry 4.0 perspective, machines and/or plants are interconnected by obtaining functionalities such as: sending programs, parameters or part programs to machines for setups; managing multi-pallet machines; and acquiring data from machine control systems to monitor process and production status.


This feature helps manage scopes useful for knowing: machine and operator run times; tooling, causal stop and processing times; quantities consumed and produced.


The system records origin and genealogy of materials, sharing information such as: record of batches of material first used, declaration of production batches, record of linkage between production batches of raw material, semi-finished products and batches.


The dedicated module deals with the management of the plant’s operational logistics, specifically: maps material warehouses; identifies materials present with labels; moves batches or logistical units of materials from one warehouse to another and/or from one location to another.


Dedicated module deals with: defining item control plans; generating control plans; generating reminders to execute controls; recording measurements or approvals for operators to execute control plans.


The system has a section dedicated to factory analytics to display KPIs, data processing, and production balances in real time through access to dashboards dedicated to: production, downtime, OEE, orders, and output.

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