Asset Monitoring: IoT monitoring of industrial devices

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Asset Monitoring: IoT monitoring of industrial devices

Set event analysis rules with a few clicks, trigger notifications to stakeholders, and monitor machinery operation. All this is industrial asset monitoring!

In the age of digitization, it is necessary to provide that industrial assets have, at their core, an intelligent part, capable of giving and receiving information that monitors the operation and real-time control of various devices.

Asset Monitoring and related management is now possible thanks to the high level of maturity of IoT (Internet of Things) platforms, which are now able to connect any device to the network throughout its usage path.

By continuously and automatically analyzing the parameters of interest, it is possible to avoid degradation to unwanted events, malfunctions, performance losses and failures as well as use the collected data to support strategic business and asset management choices.

The problems solved by Asset Monitoring:

No one knows in detail and continuously the operating and performance status of a specific asset.

Higher costs to be incurred due to continuous unplanned breakdowns and poor maintenance management.

Energy consumption is not extensively monitored, and the company incurs additional costs for mismanagement.

Nonconformities, rejects, and spare-parts inventory reassortments often present operational blockages and bottlenecks due to the use of different tools (including paper).

Monitor networked assets with up-to-date insights and maximize their performance.

Increase the competitiveness and performance of industrial assets, maximizing their returns through intelligent monitoring and management.

Get an integral view of “here and now” utilization while enabling access to forecasting future actions, such as facilitated maintenance campaigns.


Timely monitoring of asset operation, mode of use, history of interventions and spare parts used.


Improve maintenance efficiency by taking action on the maintenance schedule based on asset utilization (and not based on time).


Anticipate related critical issues by intercepting abnormal signals and turning them into corrective actions.


Optimize energy consumption by detecting unusual changes in consumption during use.

Regardless of the industry sector, keep an eye on every aspect of your industrial assets with Asset Monitoring solutions.

ARE YOU AN OEM? Choose remote monitoring and…

  • Make the machinery and plants you manufacture smart and remotely monitor their operation.
  • Get cross and/or timely summaries of alarms.
  • Generate maintenance calendars, alerts and action plans with relevant operators.
  • Produce reports on asset status over time and based on completed interventions.
  • Get performance trends and event history.Do R&D on your assets from the data you collect and become more competitive.


ARE YOU AN END USER? Choose local monitoring and…

  • Access asset performance indices (OEE, OOE, TEEP) and the status of each machine in real-time.
  • Know how many nonconformities you produce day by day and how much waste.
  • Get a maintenance history, schedule interventions by priority, set dicriticality parameters with associated thresholds and alerts.
  • Trigger maintenance requests and monitor maintenance status.
  • Monitor asset energy consumption by making comparisons between consumption and absorption or by aggregating data for specific time frames (daily, weekly, etc.).

The monitoring of assets for specific business needs:

Smart Utility Platform

Smart Utility Platform

Asset Monitoring for multi-utilities: the native IoT platform, equipped with Artificial Intelligence and developed to simplify two-way communication between Utility Companies/Multiutilities and citizens. The ultimate goal is the realization of a true territorial Business Intelligence, with greater transparency in bills and less waste, thanks to an intelligent and certified system that measures real data on consumption and ensures the efficiency of the service on the territory.



Enable after-sales services right away: having the ability to immediately access the data of the machines placed on the market and monitor their utilization makes it easier for machine and plant manufacturers (OEMs) to enable after-sales services tailored to the real needs of the company, punctual and proactive with respect to maintenance and consumption, avoiding downtime as much as possible.

The value of Asset Monitoring as told by our success stories:

Turbine remote monitoring for Fincantieri
Optimization of production asset performance: Brainkin for System Logistics
IoT for Production efficiency: Smart Factory for Fameccanica
Machine Performance Monitoring: Brainkin for Arko
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