Asset monitoring: make devices competitive with IoT

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Asset monitoring: make devices competitive with IoT

Set the event analysis rules with just a few clicks, trigger notifications to those involved and monitor their functioning. All this is asset monitoring!

In the age of digitization, it is necessary to provide that the devices offered on the market have, within them, an intelligent part, capable of sending and receiving information that monitors the operation and real-time control of the various devices.

Asset monitoring is now possible thanks to the high level of maturity of IoT (Internet of Things) platforms, now able to connect any device to the network along its entire usage path.

The inclusion of transmission devices inside a device improves the life of the assets, introducing remote monitoring to control operation efficiency.





The problems fixed by asset tracking:

No one knows the operating state of a specific asset.

Increased costs due to the need to replacement or asset loss.

Asset loss due to lack of location.

Inventories take time away from internal resources.

Monitor assets inserted into the network with constantly updated insights and maximize their performance.

Increases the competitiveness of products placed on the market, thanks to intelligent remote assistance, resulting in maximum returns on assets (preventive assistance contracts, planned replacement campaigns, upselling). This results in an integral view of usage “here and now” and, at the same time, enables access to predict future actions, such as easy maintenance campaigns.


Timely monitoring of the device operation, methods of use, history of interventions and spare parts used


Improve maintenance efficiency, intervening on the maintenance calendar based on the use of assets (rather than based on time)


Anticipate critical issues relating to monitored physical objects, intercepting anomalous signals and transforming them into corrective actions


Optimize energy consumption by identifying unusual changes in consumption during use

The Asset monitoring dedicated to Multi-Utilities.

Smart Utility Platform

Smart Utility Platform

The native IoT platform, equipped with artificial intelligence and developed to simplify two-way communication between service companies – Multiutilities – and citizens. The ultimate goal is the creation of a true territorial Business Intelligence, with greater transparency in bills and less waste, thanks to an intelligent and certified system that measures real data on consumption and guarantees efficient service within the territory.

The value of the solution

The AI component in devices is the new key to competitiveness. Asset monitoring makes it possible to analyze all the main quantities such as switching on/off (or times of use), energy consumed, direct alarms, temperature, pressure, speed and, in general, all the physical quantities which show an anomaly with respect to their standard behavior during the life cycle of the device.

We have carried out various projects, the most important and complete is the one developed with Fincantieri.

Read the success story 👉🏼

Turbine remote monitoring for Fincantieri

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